We take privacy seriously at Ether Tickets and it is important to us that we keep your personal information safe. This policy outlines the sort of information we collect and what we do with it. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 (Reg. No.: ZA266518).

Third Parties

We only give your information to Third Party's if we have to and only with your consent. We pass on your names and email addresses under the following scenarios:

  1. To allow organisers to contact you about specific event information like line-up changes or cancellations so that you are kept informed about what is happening and if/when refunds being issued. This is mandatory and you cannot purchase a ticket without accepting this transfer of personal information.
  2. If you like a particular event that happens frequently you can choose to be signed up to a mailing list. This will mean that you will be kept informed about future events ran by this specific Vendor (most likely a promoter or venue). This is optional and to unsubscribe you must do so through the Vendors marketing and mailing preferences.
  3. We use various third parties to fulfil some of the technical aspects of the Ether Tickets platform. This includes Payment Processing which is done by Stripe and sending of e-tickets/important bulk emails (like changes in lineup/cancellations) using Sendgrid. We have to pass emails to these services to utilise the functionality they offer. This is done over a secure encrypted connection.
  4. If you are buying items to be delivered to an address, these third party suppliers will have to know your name and address to be able to post on your items. In this scenario you won't be signed up to any unwanted marketing emails or mailing lists (and this is a condition of our agreement with these suppliers).
  5. Legally required to in the case of a request by a law enforcement, court or government agency.

In the scenario of the sales of tickets without registering the "Data Controller" is deemed to be vendor (i.e. Organisation selling the tickets) as they process the data for their own purposes. Ether Tickets is regarded as a "Data Processor".

In all these scenarios when the information is passed on we keep audit logs of exactly when and by whom this data is extracted from our platform to keep compliant with the GDPR regulations.

Data held by Ether Tickets

If you register on the Ether Tickets website either to buy as a purchaser or sell tickets we will hold details about you to allow you to have access to an account. You will also be asked if you would like to sign up to our mailing list, if you choose to do this we will retain personal data for the purposes of marketing and promotion. If you wish to Unsubscribe you will have an option to do this from the bottom of the emails and in mailing preferences. It may take up to 48 hours to be unsubscribed.

If you purchase a ticket or any items we will retain your personal data, but purely for customer support. We only hold your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act and we hold this in a secured database that can only be accessed by a small number of Ether Tickets technical staff and specific computers that are authorised to do so. We use secure encryption (SSL) across all our websites and services so when you log in there is added confidence that when you enter your details there is an adequate layer of security. In this context we are considered the "Data Controller" as we will be processing data for our own purposes.

If we were ever to be acquired by another business. All data would be transferred to the acquiring business as part of the assets bought and will be able to continue to use your personal data as detailed in this Privacy Policy.

Non-Personal Data (e.g. anonymised so that only gender, age and first part of postcodes) may be used for analytics and intelligence to help vendors understand their demographics and help them promote their events.

You have the right to cancel your account at any time in which case we will remove all your account/personal data within ninety days. Please email info@ethertickets.com if you wish to cancel.

Card Details

We use Stripe currently for our payment processing which is a proven secure, trustworthy and compliant payments platform. As we use this service, there is no need for us to hold your credit card or payment details on any of our websites or in any of our databases, so we don't! Any refunds are actioned through Stripes platform with anonymised card details and take up to five working days to process.